2/12/14 Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

Today I worked on two things, the blog post I’ve been editing and preparing, and best of all, I’ve begun working on BBBSCM’s social media strategy—which I’ve been really, really excited about.

I’ve never crafted a social media strategy before, but when I worked for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Department at Clark University for four years, we developed routines on-the-spot for posting on Facebook, Twitter, and other Clark channels, and I’ve always thought how satisfying it would be to have a concrete, written plan for how, when, where, why, and what posts should be posted. I knew we weren’t getting as much mileage out of social media as we could, so I’ve been really excited about this project for BBBSCM since I got the assignment my first day.

I jumped into the project by pretty much researching everything under the sun, my google searches included the following: “social media strategy”, “best times to post social media”, “different posts on each social network”, “how to use social media”, “social media for business”, “social media template”, “social media scheduled”, and so much more. I took a ton of notes and figured out what kinds of things were pertinent to BBBSCM.

Some of my considerations:

  • Our main goal is creating brand awareness. Promotion, storytelling, getting volunteers, and getting donations all came secondary or were a means to an end.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are our most important networks. We’ll use YouTube and our blog for content creation. Instagram and Vine will be used as necessary.
  • We’ll post and track engagement daily.

I also found that each network had it’s own “peak” time for postings. Thus, I thought it would be best if we posted at three different times of the day, once per network, to get the best engagement and visibility possible. I began to write up rules around what kinds of posts are best for which network (Facebook and Google+= “long content”, Twitter= “short content, quick announcements, quick responses, sharability as key, etc.). I began to think about how we would handle positive and negative feedback, how we would vary our posts, and where we would get our content from. While it’s important for the majority of content to be original, it’s good too to post industry news, community news, worldwide news, or post things from other regional BBBS programs.

I am still in the process of my making my Social Media Strategy document clear, easy to understand, and comprehensive. I want to have examples for every kind of post (or near every) we can make, and I want there to be a solution for/reasoning behind every social media decision we make. My biggest goal for this Social Media Strategy project is that BBBSCM will have a template that can be longstanding, and of course developed and changed over time, but over all will be the framework for their social media for years to come. And also, I hope that I can truly create an increase in brand awareness and engagement. This would be a great feat for me because as a entrepreneur, creating buzz is essential for success, and social media is paramount for creating buzz. If I were to have a real impact on BBBSCM’s buzz, I feel like I would be able to apply this strategy to the business I’m launching, or some other business I’ll be working on years down the line.

Tomorrow I’ll be working more on this strategy document. I really could not be any more thrilled to do it. Here’s to my second true love: social media.

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